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ECOTIR LKW is one of the largest importers of truck parts, parts for tools, parts commercial vehicles, trailers and more.

We invite you to explore our new website ECOTIR LKW, now containing modified and organized in a simple structure because we know your time is precious, so I tried to make it better adapted to your needs

In the hope that we have succeeded LKW ECOTIR team stisfacem what I prepared, please send us your suggestions at or completing the contact section.

We strive to develop relationships with our partners, and we believe that long term relationships and long term can lead to remarkable results for both parties.

We as business partners, reputable companies in Bucharest and neighboring counties organized in different forms: car companies, transport companies, distributors, auto parts, auto service sites.

We want to be the partner that always provides the best solution for you in order to offer the best prices and solutions to your problems

Romania's integration in the EU requires companies standards of quality, environment and safety, so îincercam to offer parts and services that meet the standards. Our suppliers are among the most successful suppliers of auto parts and accessories in Europe, all parts and accessories from our suppliers are accredited ISO 9001/2008.
All our products are accompanied by certificates of quality and or declarations of conformity as required by law.

If there are no parts in stock, it is brought max.1-5 days after launch firm order. This is possible because we have a well developed logistics system with our suppliers (manufacturers and warehouses). Ordering and delivery would not be possible if the organizational structure and management would not be very well done.

Your requests are handled on-line now and a young and dynamic team with extensive experience in solving technical problems and distribution for parts of trucks and trailers.


ECOTIR LKW Ltd is the sole importer of products FRENOTRUCK, the company was founded in 2009, built on an area of 2000 square meters, selling the full range of spare parts for trucks and trailers, both original pieces and parts from leading manufacturers in Europe, with import its own network. Our goal is to provide our customers, from stock or custom parts trucks trademarks of segment dedicated to heavy machinery.

The experience and professionalism of our employees have made the company to grow rapidly, our business has expanded, which led to the opening of two new stores.

By increased activity, we thought we should come as close to dumneavostă, so I opened several stores in different cities Bucharest, Pitesti Ploiesti and Oradea, Volunteers.

• range of aftermarket products
• Full range of spare parts for trucks and trailers
• Stock and custom parts
• Fast delivery by courier service to any location in the country
• best payment terms
• departanente best technical and sales

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